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Moray Small Business Club (MSBC)

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Diary Dates

11th March 2010 - Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch is considered to be Europe's most exciting business speaker and writer. A phenomenon who delights audiences throughout the world, Geoff is a remarkable speaker whose unique and refreshing outlook on all manner of business topics has made his name into a global brand, and himself into someone who is constantly in demand for his memorable and uplifting presentations.

Geoff is genuinely interested in working with people starting their own businesses and has written a book called 'Go It Alone' to support just this group of entrepreneurs. For Geoff, there is no greater delight or thrill than to hear that people have enjoyed his books and achieved success by using some of the hints and tips contained in them. More than this, he constantly wants to know how you, as someone who is self-employed, works from home, or in a business start-up, is getting on. If you haven't read his book, there is a slimmed down version, "Go It Alone Lite" available as a free downloadable e-book.

Geoff's credentials are impressive, working to motivate and inspire people and as a regular contributor and presenter on television and radio. Geoff is the presenter of his own business show on BBC Television called All Over the Shop. He is the author of many hugely popular cult business books, published worldwide, which include: Resistance is Useless - the Art of Business Persuasion: Go It Alone: Writing on the Wall: and The Way of the Dog.

Geoff looks at every conceivable area of business and is renowned for taking a sideways look at the latest business fads and fashions, and then translating them into a memorable message that everyone can understand. He can speak on almost any business subject in a thought-provoking and enjoyable way so that even the dullest business topic is turned into an exciting rollercoaster ride that leaves the audience thrilled and convinced.

As possibly the most original business guru in the world, Geoff promises to provide a very high level of excitement and delight.

To join us at this MSBC event, please Book online or phone 0800 032 8080. All welcome.


Moray Chamber of Commerce and Business Gateway events - see lower down the page

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 9 Jul 09
10 Sep 09
12 Nov 09
14 Jan 10
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Past Events

MSBC on 12 November 2009

Member to Members. Learning about each others Business
MSBC on 10 September 2009

Legal Beagles Sep 2009 - Photos by AWG

 Pictures from earlier events

Venues and Times

MSBC events will be held at Horizon Scotland, Forres at the following times unless stated otherwise:

16:45 to 17:30 - Networking
17:30 to 18:30 - Main Presentation
18:30 to 19:00 - More networking & buffet*
19:00 to 19:45 - Second Session
Join us, or depart, at any point to suit your schedule. There is no charge for MSBC events.

* buffet provided by local companies.

Book on-line or phone: 0800 032 80 80

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Moray Chamber of Commerce and Other Events

For information about joining the Moray Chamber of Commerce, please contact us for details. Email Lesley at Moray Chamber of Commerce or phone 01340 881226 for more information on Chamber events. Please mention MSBC when enquiring.

Business Gateway Courses 2010

  • 25 Jan - Customer Care
  • 26 Jan - Marketing and Selling Skills
  • 27 Jan - HMRC Self Assessment
  •  9 Feb - Going into Business
  • 10 Feb - Record Keeping
  • 10 Feb - HMRC Introduction to VAT
  • 11/12 Feb - 2 Day Business Start Up
  • 26 Feb - Marketing and Selling Skills
  •  4 Mar - Employment Law
  • 15/16 Mar - 2 Day Business Start Up
  • 17 Mar - Record Keeping
  • 18 Mar - Ecommerce
  • 29 Mar - Marketing and Selling Skills
  • 30 Mar - HMRC Becoming Self Employed

Please email Craig at Business Gateway or phone 01343 563634 for more information on Business Gateway events or to book a place (not all courses had been confirmed at time of publishing)

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